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Admissions for Nursing Facility

Families are encouraged to visit our facility and meet our staff. If you would like an information packet and resident application sent to your home, call 319-377-4611.  You may also print the application below and bring it with you when you visit. When we receive your application, you may be placed on our waiting list.

Resident Application

How do I apply for admission to Linn Manor? What are the steps in the process?

1.   Request an application. This form can be picked up in person, print from the link above, sent through regular postal mail, or email to the individual requesting. Linn Manor will provide you with one as soon as we can.

Note: If you are hospitalized, the hospital social worker or discharge planner is responsible for assisting you in requesting applications on your behalf and assisting you, your family, guardian or conservator in completing the application.

2.   When you receive the application, fill it out and return it to Linn Manor to be considered for admission.

3.   When the application is received by Linn Manor, we will review the information provided to determine if our facility is capable of providing the care needed. For this reason, the application must be filled out entirely before we will accept it. Linn Manor may also call to clarify, or request additional information to ensure we are able to make an appropriate decision. It is not until we have determined that we are able to provide for your needs that we will place you on our waiting list.

4.   Once a bed becomes available for you, we will contact you and you will have the option on whether to accept. If you choose not to accept, we will ask if you wish to be removed from the wait list, or dropped to the bottom of the list.

5.   When you accept the bed, we will request that your current health information be forwarded to us from your primary doctor. We will review this information once more to ensure there are no new items not listed on your application we are not equipped to handle (this is why the initial application needs to be as complete as possible to prevent you from getting this far and suddenly finding out you are not a candidate for our facility). Linn Manor reserves the right to have qualified personnel visit the prospective resident prior to admission and to obtain insurance policy information so that insurance coverage can be verified by our bookkeeper prior to admission. After this is completed, we will arrange a time with you to complete the paperwork and the date when you will move to Linn Manor (these two events often occur simultaneously).

Note: Emergency cases not allowing for the normal application process will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Persons will not be refused based on their race, religion, age, sex, national origin, or disability.

What financial information does Linn Manor request?

Linn Manor asks if you have a private source of funds, such as nursing home insurance and/or personal funds, that will pay for nursing home care or if you are eligible for Medicare or Medicaid.

Once I am on the waiting list, when will I be admitted?

Generally, Linn Manor admits applicants on a first-come, first-served basis, based on the date we receive a completed application. However, if the number of beds occupied by Medicaid recipients is high compared to our internal standards, we reserve the right to admit a private pay resident ahead of others who may be on the list.

Other exceptions include:

1. If your spouse is already a resident in the nursing facility we may admit you ahead of others on the list.

2. As the facility was built by Christians of the Gospel Hall Assemblies, preference is given to members of this group regardless of payer source and/or location on the wait list.

3. As Linn Manor seeks to maintain a Conservative Christian environment, we reserve the right to screen potential residents on how well we feel they will fit in this kind of environment.

How long will it take before I am admitted?

It is difficult or impossible to know when you will be offered a bed. It will depend on how many persons are ahead of you on the waiting list and how often beds become available. Linn Manor will inform you of your place on the waiting list whenever you or your representative requests such information.

When will my name be removed from the waiting list?/How long is my application good?

Submitted applications will be considered valid for three months from the date Linn Manor receives your application. If you wish to remain on the wait list after three months, you will need to contact the business office to let us know.

Common Questions about Admission 
and Waiting Lists